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Enhancing Efficiency And Visibility: Jointech's Innovative Solution for Cargo Monitoring And Management
With the development of regional economic integration, technological advancement, and the progress of digital transformation, the application of digital credentials for road transportation will become increasingly common in global logistics and supply chain management. Since 2022, Jointech has been exploring the concept of incorporating road transport credentials into customs asset monitoring solutions, and in 2023, the Belarusian Customs made the first applications within the Eurasian Economic Union. In October 2023, at the WCO Technology Conference in Vietnam, Jointech's Customs Cargo Supervision & Dispatching Management solution, based on file content interaction, received high recognition from customs officials.
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WCO Tech Conference 2023 opening soon! Our team has arrived and we look forward to meeting you!
The driving force behind global trade, the WCO Tech Conference 2023, is just around the corner! As industry leaders, our team has arrived on site and is excited to embark on this highly anticipated event!
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Customs in-transit Cargo Supervision and Management Solution
In 2013, the General Administration of Customs of China issued a notice on the "Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of Regional Customs Clearance Services" (Document No. [2013] 242 of the Administration) and specific requirements for the application of the Internet of Things in the Golden Tariff Pr
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Achieving Supply Chain Visibility with Jointech
At present, the JointCloud 2.0 platform is providing mobile asset management services for more than 80 countries around the world, helping enterprises establish digital supply chains. Customers mainly use it for: supply chain management of enterprise logistics, safety and timeliness management of China-Europe freight train transportation, multimodal transport status and safety management of containers and assets, dynamic monitoring and management of customs untaxed assets, safety and timeliness management of logistics enterprise distribution, Supermarket distribution safety and timeliness management, oil and fuel transportation safety management.
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Congratulations to Jointech for winning the Best Practice Application Partner Award
On May 30th, Jointech was invited to participate in the 2023 Qualcomm Connected Intelligent Edge Open Day event held in Shenzhen. The event brought together IoT ecosystem partners and industry partners to explore innovative applications and practices of edge computing and artificial intelligence in
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