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Enhancing Efficiency And Visibility: Jointech's Innovative Solution for Cargo Monitoring And Management

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In recent years, regional economic integration has emerged as one of the most prominent trends in international economic relations. Initiatives such as Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) have facilitated trade and investment flows among member countries, reduced trade barriers, and harmonized market rules. Regional economic integration is a process of market integration among partner countries, gradually deepening from product and factor markets to harmonization of economic policies, which places higher demands on automation and standardization processes within the region.

With the development of regional economic integration, technological advancement, and the progress of digital transformation, the application of digital credentials for road transportation will become increasingly common in global logistics and supply chain management. Since 2022, Jointech has been exploring the concept of incorporating road transport credentials into customs asset monitoring solutions, and in 2023, the Belarusian Customs made the first applications within the Eurasian Economic Union. In October 2023, at the WCO Technology Conference in Vietnam, Jointech's Customs Cargo Supervision & Dispatching Management solution, based on file content interaction, received high recognition from customs officials.


Jointech's Customs Cargo Supervision & Dispatching Management solution consists of intelligent terminals, platforms, and web/app interfaces, incorporating various technologies such as IoT, AI vision, and big data analysis. This solution supports multiple modes of electronic credential interaction:

1. S-S Interaction (Interactions with logistics and customs systems):

Jointech's monitoring and management system interacts with logistics and customs systems, synchronizing logistics waybill information and regulatory data.

2. S-M Interaction (System-to-Intelligent Terminal Interaction):

Intelligent terminals utilize AI recognition to transmit information to the system, providing transparency for shippers, logistics companies, and regulatory agencies. The system can issue electronic transport bills, electronic transport orders, and electronic transport route sheets to the intelligent terminals. The intelligent terminals can perform intelligent analysis of the transportation process and provide analysis results.

3. M-H Interaction (Human-Machine Interaction):

Authorized personnel can directly interact with intelligent terminals at the edge to access relevant electronic credentials (such as electronic transport bills, electronic transport orders, and analysis results of the transportation process), reducing the need for cumbersome paper documents and procedures and simplifying approval and inspection processes during transportation. This helps lower operating costs and manpower resources, improve transportation efficiency and profitability. Digital certificates also enhance work efficiency and resource utilization. Inspection personnel can directly record inspection results in the intelligent terminals for future reference by other inspection personnel.

Jointech-Automated Operations and Maintenance Management System (2)

The solution enable to achieve digitization and intelligence in cargo monitoring and management, providing higher transportation efficiency and visualized analysis of the transportation process.


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