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Customs in-transit Cargo Supervision and Management Solution

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In 2013, the General Administration of Customs of China issued a notice on the "Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of Regional Customs Clearance Services" (Document No. [2013] 242 of the Administration) and specific requirements for the application of the Internet of Things in the Golden Tariff Project Phase II.

The implementation of an on-the-way supervision system using secure intelligent locks and linking it with customs transportation systems, cargo manifest systems, and other systems to achieve integrated and collaborative supervision of logistics transportation during the transfer of goods. It also aims to establish coordinated data sharing among checkpoints and supervision sites on the transfer logistics chain. To achieve this collaborative supervision, strict data verification and comparison will be conducted among documentation flow, information flow, and goods flow. Additionally, technologies such as electronic sealing and unsealing, one-sided verification of departure or arrival locations, and real-time monitoring of transportation during the entire journey will be used to realize a visualized, automated, and intelligent transfer supervision mode.


In recent years, the World Customs Organization (WCO) has been promoting the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to coordinate and unify customs procedures and systems among its 161 member countries. This includes on-the-way supervision of the movement of goods, people, and transport vehicles across borders, with the aim of facilitating customs clearance and regional integration, enhancing cooperation among member countries, and combating various forms of customs violations.

At the 2019 WCO Conference, the Jordanian Customs shared a case study on the application of electronic locks in on-the-way supervision.


Since 2016, more than 40 customs and government regulatory agencies around the world have been using Jointech's products and systems to monitor in-transit assets. Some of the agencies are located in Asia, such as Jordan Customs, Vietnam Customs, and India Customs, as well as in Africa, such as COMESA, Ghana Customs, and Tanzania Revenue Authority. In addition, agencies in Europe, South America, and Central and North America are also using Jointech's products and systems for customs supervision.

JT701 GPS lock application in customs supervision in Jordan

These products and systems are used to monitor and supervise the movement of in-transit assets, including supervision of transit, cross-border transportation, dangerous goods or special goods inspection, and supervision of transportation from customs areas to free trade zones or bonded zones. The Joint Cloud platform is integrated with the customs supervision system, allowing dynamic information of in-transit asset to be transmitted to the customs system in a timely manner and notifying the customs system of any abnormal events. This facilitates customs supervisors to take timely actions and reduce losses.


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