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Intelligent supervision of trucks passing through the customs in Jordan
Improving the impounding system of UAE Police Station by smart locking illegal vehicles
Cargo safety control for the supermarket supply chain in Poland
Intelligent electronic GPS seal application in customs supervision in Belarus
Safety monitoring of fuel tank truck outlet valve in Malaysia
High evaluation from business partner in Madagascar
Customized long ropes to secure trailer bulk cargo
  • Tracking Cargo Transportation in Western Africa
    The Ivorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry faces challenges in the security of cargo transportation, including truck hijackings, illegal unloading of products, time-consuming manual document handling, and improper driving. To address these challenges, the Chamber has adopted the Jointech JT709A e-lock and a comprehensive monitoring system by Wialon to automate document processing, ensure the security of cargo, and comply with national and international regulations.
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  • Maximizing Efficiency And Security in Copper Logistics with JT707C Seal Trackers
    Copper, due to its high value, is particularly vulnerable to theft and damage during transportation, posing a significant concern for our African client. They need to safely transport copper materials fromwarehouses to ports and ultimately deliver them to customers worldwide via sea freight. This transportation process not only spans multiple African countries, such as Zambia and Zimbabwe, but also faces complex logistics networks and various security challenges. Additionally the uncertainty in loading and shipping times for containers ranges from 5 to 14 days. Therefore, an efficient solution that provides comprehensive monitoring and real-time tracking is essential.
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  • Monitoring Coca-Cola Containers in Papua New Guinea
    Coca-Cola Europacific Partners(CCEP) distributes non-alcoholic beverages in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The company experienced some common issues typical for the region: ⚫ It was complicated to keep track of containers as they were scattered all around the country. ⚫ During transportation, products were not secure from theft, and trucks with containers were often subject to hijacking. ⚫ It was hard for Coca-Cola Europacific Partners to plan trips. They didn't have data about container location and couldn't inform their customers, e.g., about delivery delays. ⚫ The company had to pay detention and demurrage fees as they often didn't manage to return empty containers to shipping companies on time.
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