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Electronic Cargo Tracking System And GPS Truck Monitoring for The Customs in Azerbaijan
The State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan sought a more effective GPS truck monitoring solution to improve its services and prevent violations. They needed to track their service vehicles, transit vehicles, and trucks with cargo entering the country and heading to customs. Jointech participated in this project.
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Revolutionizing Cross-Border Customs Supervision: Intelligent E-Lock Operations and Management Solution
It seems that day-to-day cross-border cargo supervision can present a few headaches. Through on-site research and in-depth communication with various customs and government personnel, we've uncovered serval challenges.
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Jointech Debuts at the 6th Global AEO Conference
At the 6th Global AEO conference, Jointech delivered a speech themed 'Technical Practices for Customs Standardization, Digitization, and Automation under the AEO System,' showcasing its cutting-edge technological advancements and innovative practical examples. Additionally, Jointech actively participated in various discussions and exchange activities throughout the event.
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Tracking Cargo Transportation in Western Africa
The Ivorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry faces challenges in the security of cargo transportation, including truck hijackings, illegal unloading of products, time-consuming manual document handling, and improper driving. To address these challenges, the Chamber has adopted the Jointech JT709A e-lock and a comprehensive monitoring system by Wialon to automate document processing, ensure the security of cargo, and comply with national and international regulations.
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Jointech Shines at Expo Seguridad México 2024: Pioneering Smart Logistics Solutions
As the Expo Seguridad México 2024 comes to a successful close, Jointech has achieved remarkable accomplishments and success at this prestigious event that merges technology with security. Over the span of three days, Jointech not only showcased its cutting-edge intelligent terminals and industry solutions but also engaged in in-depth exchanges with experts in the global logistics security field.
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Jointech's Professional Technical Team Invited for In-Depth Research at Customs Site
In March, upon the invitation of a client from Africa, Jointech dispatched a team of technical elites to conduct an in-depth investigation into customs asset supervision, lasting for half a month. The client perceived potential risks due to excessive human intervention and efficiency bottlenecks caused by insufficient automation in their current customs asset supervision systems and processes. They were eager to enhance the level of customs asset supervision through digital technology innovation to maintain a leading position.
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Maximizing Efficiency And Security in Copper Logistics with JT707C Seal Trackers
Copper, due to its high value, is particularly vulnerable to theft and damage during transportation, posing a significant concern for our African client. They need to safely transport copper materials fromwarehouses to ports and ultimately deliver them to customers worldwide via sea freight. This transportation process not only spans multiple African countries, such as Zambia and Zimbabwe, but also faces complex logistics networks and various security challenges. Additionally the uncertainty in loading and shipping times for containers ranges from 5 to 14 days. Therefore, an efficient solution that provides comprehensive monitoring and real-time tracking is essential.
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Securing the Integrity of Government Exams: Jointech's JT701 Smart GPS E-Lock for Safe and Efficient Paper Delivery
Government competitive exams, such as civil service and judicial examinations, are critical for ensuring fairness and transparency. The secure delivery of examination papers is a key component of this process, and any security breach can cast doubt on the integrity of the examination. To address this challenge, a solution that ensures both security and efficiency in paper delivery is required.
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Optimize Logistics with GPS-Enabled Smart Locks: Ensure Real-Time Cargo Monitoring And Supply Chain Integrity
In the bustling world of logistics, do you ever worry about whether your cargo has safely reached its destination? Do you worry about the risk of theft or damage in transit? Scene One: Cargo LoadingAt the port, a container truck loaded with valuable goods is about to depart. Traditional locks off
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Jointech Women's Power: Listening To Their Stories, Creating A Bright Future Together
At Jointech, we're not just a tech company, but a vibrant and diverse team. On the special International Women's Day, let's come together and pay tribute to our outstanding female employees! They are an integral part of our team, contributing unparalleled value to the company's growth and success with their wisdom, courage, and resilience. They're not just employees but leaders, innovators, and role models.
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