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Achieving Supply Chain Visibility with Jointech

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Currently, digitalization is becoming a new engine of economic growth. A new round of technological innovation and industrial transformation centered on artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data, and edge computing has accelerated the restructuring of the supply chain of enterprises. More and more enterprises are in urgent need of technology-driven supply chains and supply chain logistics combinations that can be flexibly configured.

In global trade, more than 80% of supply chain assets are transported using containers. Clarksons data shows that the global shipping volume of containers in 2021 will be 208 million, a year-on-year increase of 6.64%.

In the past two years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the work efficiency of the port has declined, and the inland transportation system has been congested. According to Drewry's calculations, the loss of transport capacity due to port congestion is as high as 17%, and supply chain logistics delays are also normal.


Today we will share how to use data, processes, intelligent algorithms and other technologies to break through the barriers of information exchange in all links of the supply chain and realize digitally driven supply chain management. Let the global logistics supply chain realize the whole process of visualization, timely predict the possible supply chain logistics risks, and take active countermeasures in advance.

During the transportation process of an enterprise's supply chain assets, many relevant stakeholders are involved, such as: the owner of the enterprise, the third-party logistics company, the carrier, the government regulatory department, the financial institution, etc., and the management needs of these stakeholders are different. And the logistics process is complicated. Jointech has launched a software-hardware integrated solution for mobile asset management that is suitable for different subjects through a large number of demand research and on-site inspections of different demand subjects, combined with the most cutting-edge Internet of Things (IOT), artificial intelligence, big data analysis, edge computing and other technologies The solution provides enterprises with global information management and control of asset movement, including comprehensive services such as asset status, asset security, asset scheduling, supply chain timeliness, and risk warning.


At present, the JointCloud 2.0 platform is providing mobile asset management services for more than 80 countries around the world, helping enterprises establish digital supply chains. Customers mainly use it for: supply chain management of enterprise logistics, safety and timeliness management of China-Europe freight train transportation, multimodal transport status and safety management of containers and assets, dynamic monitoring and management of customs untaxed assets, safety and timeliness management of logistics enterprise distribution, Supermarket distribution safety and timeliness management, oil and fuel transportation safety management. We will share some specific use cases later, see you next time.


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