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Congratulations to Jointech for winning the Best Practice Application Partner Award

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On May 30th, Jointech was invited to participate in the 2023 Qualcomm Connected Intelligent Edge Open Day event held in Shenzhen. 

The event brought together IoT ecosystem partners and industry partners to explore innovative applications and practices of edge computing and artificial intelligence in transportation, industry, energy, and other fields.

During the event, Jointech showcased a range of logistics equipment intelligent terminals, including the intelligent electronic lock JT701 for containers and the JT705C intelligent video customs lock, as well as mobile asset monitoring and management solutions applicable to the IoT industry.

In addition to the intellectual debates among industry professionals, Jointech stood out among numerous participants in the industry by leveraging its unique product highlights (such as Safe and reliable data transmission, application of ultra-low power consumption technology, fast and stable encryption and decryption operations and adaptability to harsh outdoor environments) and the company's differentiated advantages (such as Global vision for serving different regions, experience serving high-end clients, constantly updating with advanced technology, focused on providing a good user experience, quickly understand client needs and scenarios and efficiently deliver technology and solutions to clients). As a result, Jointech was honored with the "Best Practice Application Partner Award" at the event. 

In the future, Jointech will continue to accumulate experience in collaborating with high-end customers as one of the company's core competitive strengths. Jointech company will maintain high-quality control standards and reliable performance to continue building Jointech's good reputation as a high-end and reliable player in the global market.


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