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Shenzhen Joint Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Joint Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, and became a holding subsidiary of the listed company Keli Sensing Technology (Ningbo) Co.,Ltd (603662) in March 2022.
Jointech focuses on the AIoT and big data applications of smart logistics, and is committed to becoming a leading global provider and operator of mobile asset management solutions, particularly offering global solutions for logistics equipment that carries smart logistics and the status and security of assets transported by this equipment, ensuring that customers can reduce costs, improve safety, ensure information transparency, and make scientific decisions.
Jointech mainly provides one-stop mobile asset monitoring and management solutions of intelligent hardware, software system and service cloud platform, and has obtained 54 software copyrights, 11 utility model patents and 8 appearance patents in these aspects.
Jointech’s well-established SaaS platform "JointCloud 2.0" provides users with data, analysis, application and other services of smart logistics. It also provides cross-border logistics customers such as China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. with "Belt and Road” overall digital services and digital twin technology for the "Belt and Road” and provides super-experienced value-added services.
At present, Jointech has provided services such as cross-border cargo supervision and domestic container supervision for national customs, tax bureaus and other government functional departments in more than 80 countries or regions. The products have been recommended by WCO (World Customs Organization) worldwide. Jointech provides reliable and high-performance products and solutions with sustainable competitive advantages for well-known international and domestic large-scale integrators and end customers.


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Shenzhen Joint Technology Co., Ltd. 
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