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Electronic Cargo Tracking System And GPS Truck Monitoring for The Customs in Azerbaijan

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The State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan sought a more effective GPS truck monitoring solution to improve its services and prevent violations. They needed to track their service vehicles, transit vehicles, and trucks with cargo entering the country and heading to customs. Jointech participated in this project.

The organization already used an electronic cargo tracking system but wasn't satisfied with its quality.
1. The previous GPS truck tracking solution wasn't effective enough against smuggling and customs duty evasion.
2. When the number of simultaneously tracked devices increased, it often led to lags in the system.
3. The developer of the GPS truck monitoring platform couldn’t add the features that the client needed, or the development process took too much time.

To address these problems, the Customs Committee implemented a new electronic cargo tracking system. The solution comprises the Jointech JT709a electronic locks, GPS trackers, the Wialon platform, and a tracking app developed by our customer.
1. Jointech JT709A electronic locks, a high-tech product designed to enhance the efficiency of logistics monitoring. It not only provides robust security but also ensures the traceability of goods through real-time data transmission.
2. The Wialon platform processes telemetry data collected from the electronic locks and GPS trackers, allows the creation of geofences for specific areas, and provides data via API to the GPS truck monitoring application. It also handles real-time notifications and reporting, offering comprehensive tracking and monitoring capabilities.


The new Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS) fully met the Customs Committee's requirements, significantly enhanced its cargo tracking and regulatory capabilities while improving system flexibility and scalability.
1. Obstacles to smuggling and customs duty evasion
The GPS truck tracking solution leaves no way for smuggling and duty evasion thanks to the combination of electronic locks and trackers, Wialon, and the tracking app developed by our cutomer.
2. Stable performance
The ECTS can cope with the increased number of vehicles tracked simultaneously without lags.
3. Tailored to the client
The organization can take advantage of the GPS truck tracking solution tailored to its needs and request the development of new features.


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