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Tracking Cargo Transportation in Western Africa

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The Cote D'Ivoire Chamber of Commerce and Industry is dedicated to defending the interests of local companies and businesses. One of the organization's challenges has been to facilitate the safe transportation of goods between Cote D'Ivoire, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger, while ensuring compliance with the Inter-State Road Transit convention, which implies several safety measures such as 24-hour online monitoring, protection seals, and beacons. Overall, the organization was facing the following issues:

1. Truck hijacking and illegal unloading of products;

2. Manual document processing that often took a significant amount of time;

3. Uncareful driving.

Solution: Jointech JT709A e-locks and Comprehensive Monitoring System

Our Customer,  based in Cote D'Ivoire, developed a solution that automates paperwork, ensures the safety of transported goods, and complies with national and international regulations.

  1. Enhanced Security with Jointech JT709A e-locks

To secure the goods inside the trucks, vehicles were equipped with Jointech JT709A e-locks. These electronic locks provide an additional layer of security by restricting unauthorized access and preventing theft or illegal unloading of cargo. The use of Jointech JT709A e-locks has made the access to trucks recordable, offering a high-tech solution designed to enhance transportation safety.

2. Additional Security Measures

In addition to the Jointech JT709A e-locks, the solution includes the following security measures:

☑ All roads authorized for goods transportation have been imported into the Wialon system. If a driver deviates from the authorized route or a geofence, or makes a long suspicious stop, a dispatcher receives a notification, which is then forwarded to the police.

☑ Additional notifications have been created for situations when a truck crosses a checkpoint or when a driver violates the rules, such as when the vehicle has been in the port for more than 48 hours or makes a stop less than one hour after the previous one.

☑ User accounts have been created in the monitoring system, allowing all parties involved to access the required data.

☑ An Open API facilitates the fast and bulk registration of trucks in the system. Previously, it took up to 48 to 72 hours for trucks to become visible to customs authorities.

☑ The Eco Driving module in Wialon helps control driving behavior.


Now, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Cote D'Ivoire can effortlessly monitor trucks with goods and ensure their safety during transportation. The solution provides control over more than a thousand units, offers a smart system of notifications, connects with third-party systems such as the customs platform, and ensures compliance with an extensive list of national and international requirements.

☑ Protection Against Theft: Thanks to e-locks and alert notifications, trucks are safer from cargo theft and hijacking.

☑ Automation of Processes: Document processing has been automated. Clients no longer have to wait for up to 72 hours until a truck is registered in the system.

☑ Driving Behavior Under Control: EcoDriving helps monitor driver behavior. Clients are notified in case of harsh driving and can take measures to secure the transported goods.

☑ Compliance: From speed limits to safety rules, from tracking visibility to route completion, all steps of goods transportation can be controlled on a large scale.

☑ With these adjustments, the article now places greater emphasis on the key role of Jointech and its JT709A e-locks in enhancing the safety of goods transportation.


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