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Monitoring Coca-Cola Containers in Papua New Guinea

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Coca-Cola Europacific Partners(CCEP) distributes non-alcoholic beverages in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The company experienced some common issues typical for the region:
⚫ It was complicated to keep track of containers as they were scattered all around the country.
⚫ During transportation, products were not secure from theft, and trucks with containers were often subject to hijacking.
⚫ It was hard for Coca-Cola Europacific Partners to plan trips. They didn't have data about container location and couldn't inform their customers, e.g., about delivery delays.
⚫ The company had to pay detention and demurrage fees as they often didn't manage to return empty containers to shipping companies on time.

Our partner provided a solution consisting of the Wialon monitoring platform, a custom dashboard for real-time container management, and container trackers.
Our partner equipped containers with话题标签 JointechJT704 trackers. The device were disguised as container vent holes.
A custom dashboard was developed. The dashboard pulls live data from话题标签 Wialonand displays it for the话题标签 CCEP to view.
The client automatically receives reports on containers staying at the warehouse for too long, issues with trackers, the number of containers in transit or at the client's location, etc. It's also possible to see live reports with this information.

The solution allows them to track their containers, improve safety and the quality of services.
✔ Safety of 500 containers
✔ Improved service quality
✔ Detention and demurrage fees reduction


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