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Maximizing Efficiency And Security in Copper Logistics with JT707C Seal Trackers

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Copper, due to its high value, is particularly vulnerable to theft and damage during transportation, posing a significant concern for our African client. They need to safely transport copper materials fromwarehouses to ports and ultimately deliver them to customers worldwide via sea freight. This transportation process not only spans multiple African countries, such as Zambia and Zimbabwe, but also faces complex logistics networks and various security challenges. Additionally the uncertainty in loading and shipping times for containers ranges from 5 to 14 days. Therefore, an efficient solution that provides comprehensive monitoring and real-time tracking is essential.

Cargo theft prevention

To address these challenges, Jointech proposes the use of the JT707C electronic seal tracker solution. This seal combines traditional physical seals with modern IoT technology, providing comprehensive security for the transportation of copper materials. The logistics company equips each vehicle carrying copper with JT707C electronic seal trackers, which are installed at key locations such as container doors and cargo hold locks, ensuring real-time monitoring of the goods.


The GPS+BDS+LBS technology provides real-time tracking of the transport vehicles, ensuring visibility of the goods throughout the transport process. If the seal is illegally cut or damaged, the JT707C sends alarm messages to the monitoring platform, notifying the company immediately to take appropriate action.

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Implementing the JT707C Electronic Seal Tracker brings transparency to the transportation process. Real-time data tracking and recording enables all relevant parties to have a clear understanding of the transport status and history of copper materials, while a detailed chain of evidence ensures quick and accurate attribution of responsibility in the event of problems.


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