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These are related to the customs supervision news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in customs supervision and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand customs supervision market.
Electronic Cargo Tracking System And GPS Truck Monitoring for The Customs in Azerbaijan
The State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan sought a more effective GPS truck monitoring solution to improve its services and prevent violations. They needed to track their service vehicles, transit vehicles, and trucks with cargo entering the country and heading to customs. Jointech participated in this project.
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Jointech's Professional Technical Team Invited for In-Depth Research at Customs Site
In March, upon the invitation of a client from Africa, Jointech dispatched a team of technical elites to conduct an in-depth investigation into customs asset supervision, lasting for half a month. The client perceived potential risks due to excessive human intervention and efficiency bottlenecks caused by insufficient automation in their current customs asset supervision systems and processes. They were eager to enhance the level of customs asset supervision through digital technology innovation to maintain a leading position.
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Jointech's Pioneering Tech Talk: Customs Cargo Supervision & Dispatching Management at #WCO2023
On the second day of the #WCO2023, Jointech delivered a speech on the topic of "Customs Cargo Supervision & Dispatching Management," achieving remarkable results that captured the interest and attention of the extensive audience.
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WCO Tech Conference 2023 opening soon! Our team has arrived and we look forward to meeting you!
The driving force behind global trade, the WCO Tech Conference 2023, is just around the corner! As industry leaders, our team has arrived on site and is excited to embark on this highly anticipated event!
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Jointech's Customs Supervision Solutions for Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Security
In today's globalized trade environment, efficient handling and precise execution of customs procedures are crucial. Are you often faced with cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone customs formalities that lead to port congestion? Have you encountered difficulties in timely tracking the location and status of the cargo? Do you struggle with processing customs data and analyzing it accurately for decision-making purposes? Are you looking to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs?
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Customs in-transit Cargo Supervision and Management Solution
In 2013, the General Administration of Customs of China issued a notice on the "Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of Regional Customs Clearance Services" (Document No. [2013] 242 of the Administration) and specific requirements for the application of the Internet of Things in the Golden Tariff Pr
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Jordan Customs invited Jointech to conduct on-site research for a solution to upgrade and renovate
In May 2023, Jointech was invited by Jordan Customs to conduct on-site research in Jordan to discuss the upgrading of their on-transit monitoring phase II project.
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