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Jointech's Professional Technical Team Invited for In-Depth Research at Customs Site

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In March, upon the invitation of a client from Africa, Jointech dispatched a team of technical elites to conduct an in-depth investigation into customs asset supervision, lasting for half a month.

The client perceived potential risks due to excessive human intervention and efficiency bottlenecks caused by insufficient automation in their current customs asset supervision systems and processes. They were eager to enhance the level of customs asset supervision through digital technology innovation to maintain a leading position.

During this research, the client seeks to collaborate with us on leveraging Jointech's extensive expertise and forward-thinking technological solutions in the field of customs monitoring. This includes AIoT, AI, content interaction, and big data analysis, among others. The aim is to enhance the digitalization, standardization, and intelligence levels of customs supervision, thereby assisting customs in improving clearance efficiency and reducing operational risks.

Throughout the investigation, Jointech's technical team delved into the national cross-border asset monitoring management center, major customs ports, and various local regulatory operational service centers. We engaged in in-depth discussions with the client and customs personnel to ensure a comprehensive understanding and insight into all aspects of customs asset supervision.

After meticulous research, combined with Jointech's own experience and technical solutions, we proposed a solution designed to simplify and optimize processes, reduce the risk of human intervention, and increase efficiency. In particular, the introduction of the intelligent operations and management station not only helps the client save a significant amount of time in equipment registration and inspection but also enhances the refined management of inventory and equipment scheduling. Furthermore, by integrating with other processes, it greatly improves the level of automation and efficiency. This solution has received high recognition from the client.

Jointech looks forward to collaborating with customs worldwide and the World Customs Organization (WCO) to develop more innovative solutions for customs digitalization, intelligence, and standardization.


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