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GP4000 is an intelligent GPS vehicle tracker with high cost-effectiveness, its stable performance has been strictly tested in 55 countries under different applications.

It has been widely used in remote monitoring management of logistics fleet, concrete mixing fleet, reefer fleet, taxi fleet and construction machinery.

The feature of 8 I/O signal inputs, 6 signal outputs, 1 RS232 serial port supporting more than 10 kinds external devices that enables GP4000 to be applicable in different vehicles and applications.

  • GP4000

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Unlock the future of security with JT709A Smart Electronic Lock, ensuring worry-free protection for your valuable cargo.

Multiple Unlocking Options: Scan the Bluetooth code, use RFID card, or unlock remotely. Choose the most convenient method to effortlessly access your cargo.

High-Precision Tracking: With the integration of BeiDou, GPS, and LBS triple positioning technologies, you can accurately monitor the location and movement of your goods, ensuring efficient and secure logistics operations.

Exceptional Durability: Designed for long-term usage, the JT709A withstands over 20,000 unlocking operations and offers robust resistance against external physical threats, guaranteeing the safety of your cargo.

⚡️ Ultra-Low Power Consumption: Engineered with energy efficiency in mind, the device boasts a battery life of over 6 months, reducing maintenance costs and providing worry-free operation.

IP67 Protection Rating: Dustproof and waterproof, the JT709A can withstand short-term immersion and is impervious to water splashes. It excels even in harsh environments, ensuring reliable performance.

Choose the JT709A Smart Electronic Lock for comprehensive security for your cargo. Experience peace of mind and convenience for a seamless logistics journey!
Are you concerned about the safety of your valuable goods during transportation and storage? Look no further! We present to you the brand-new JT705C Intelligent Video Monitoring Lock!

✅ Real-time Tracking: Stay in the know with precise location tracking of your containers and trucks, ensuring real-time monitoring of your cargo's journey.

✅ Remote Video Monitoring: Keep an eye on the exterior of your containers or trucks anytime, anywhere through our remote video monitoring feature, guaranteeing the safety of your goods.

✅ Remote Online Unlocking & On-site Offline Access: Unlock and manage with convenience through our remote online unlocking feature. Additionally, our lock offers on-site offline access for quick and easy unlocking.

✅ Attitude Monitoring & Alarm: With JT705C, you'll benefit from attitude monitoring, detecting impacts and rollovers in real-time, ensuring an extra layer of safety.

✅ Illegal Unlocking & Tampering Alert: Built-in features trigger immediate alarms upon unauthorized unlocking or tampering, safeguarding your goods from unauthorized access.

✅ Custom Event-triggered Video Evidence: Customize event-triggered video recording to gather evidence according to your specific needs, facilitating analysis and evidence collection.

JT705C finds its applications in valuable goods transportation, customs asset supervision, and supply chain financial risk control. With its real-time tracking, video monitoring, and alarm functionalities, it provides comprehensive security for your cargo.

Don't compromise on the safety of your goods any longer! Choose JT705C and gain peace of mind.
JT709 is a type of intelligent electronic lock and working with master lock JT701T, for the application of muti doors monitoring. It is special designed for solution of master-slave lock, and widely used for remote asset management, such as: single door container, muti doors container, logistic van, etc.
Intelligent container monitoring device JT705A, used for ISO containers, reefer container and van truck applications. It has real-time tracking, online or near-field offline unsealing, cargo surrounding environment detection, unlocking status monitoring and other functions. For example, the device can send an alarm when the position of the container door or the temperature inside the container changes, detect door opening and cargo leaving the container, and control illegal door opening and cargo theft.
The JT709C is an innovative and advanced GPS e-seal device specifically designed for cargo security and monitoring. It offers a comprehensive range of features to ensure the safety and integrity of transported goods.

The JT709C is tamper-resistant, providing an additional layer of protection for cargo containers. Its compact size allows for easy installation and discreet placement within the cargo.

One of the standout features of the JT709C is its remote unlocking capability. This means that authorized personnel can remotely unlock the e-seal, providing convenient access to the cargo without the need for physical keys or on-site presence. This feature enhances efficiency and streamlines logistics operations, saving time and effort.

Moreover, the JT709C incorporates an intelligent alert system that promptly notifies the designated individuals in case of any unauthorized attempts to cut or tamper with the sealing rope. This real-time notification empowers logistics managers to take immediate action, mitigating potential security risks and preventing cargo theft or unauthorized access.

Additionally, the JT709C utilizes advanced GPS technology, enabling real-time tracking and monitoring of cargo location, movement, and transit routes. This feature provides logistics professionals with valuable insights into the status and progress of shipments, helping optimize supply chain operations and enhance overall efficiency.

In summary, the JT709C is a cutting-edge GPS e-seal device that combines convenience, security, and durability. Its remote unlocking capability, tamper-alert system, waterproof design, and GPS tracking features make it an ideal solution for ensuring the safety and integrity of transported goods.
JT706, Intelligent Container Tracker, is a product with the combination of management,tracking and environment monitoring for containers. Its secret installation fits well in ventilation for containers. It supports GPS and LBS. Its smart detecting of empty loading or full loading. The real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity inside the containers and door status of containers can be achieved, which secures cargo safety. It is an intelligent solution featuring with safety and humanity.
Container Tracker JT704, a monitoring device for containers, custom containers and special containers, possess the function of real-time tracking, fixed-time tracking,intelligent power management, long standby, perforation-free installation and high invisibility. It is mainly applied in railway transportation, marine cross-border transportation,special container asset monitoring and Belt & Road railway cross-border transportation.
JT301 series products are a miniaturized intelligent tracker, which is applied to cargo tracking, environmental inspection, and door status detection in logistics scenarios. Providing tracking monitoring and customized sensors, JT 301 has 4G, GPS, Bluetooth, G-Sensor, barometric pressure, temperature and humidity and other functions. It is applicable to container, box truck and so on.

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