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Jordan Customs invited Jointech to conduct on-site research for a solution to upgrade and renovate

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In May 2023, Jointech was invited by Jordan Customs to conduct on-site research in Jordan to discuss the upgrading of their on-transit monitoring phase II project.


The cooperation between Jointech and Jordan Customs follows a successful partnership that dates back to 2017 when Jordan Customs officials and technical engineers signed the first order agreement with Jointech. We still remember, during the first implementation of the Jordan Customs project, Jointech's technical engineers provided on-site support and product improvements, successfully addressing unforeseen usage issues and environmental challenges. As a result of their efforts, intelligent tracker lock JT701 gained the high recognition of Jordan Customs.


The success of the Jordan Customs project has laid a solid foundation for the promotion and application of Jointech's products and solutions worldwide. In 2019, Jordan Customs shared its experience using Jointech's customs solution at the World Customs Organization (WCO) conference, generating widespread attention from customs organizations globally. Today, more than 40 customs and government regulatory agencies worldwide use Jointech's products and solutions for untaxed asset supervision, further demonstrating Jointech's market position and technological strength in the field.

After more than six years of providing intelligent tracker lock services to Jordan Customs, we recently conducted an on-site survey in response to their request for technological updates and market demand. During the survey we found that over 95% of the intelligent terminals were still operating normally. We are proud of the stability of our products, and we are also proud of the good after-sales service provided by our local partners.


During the on-site research, Jordan Customs officials installed and tested our latest research and development - the intelligent video customs lock - and expressed satisfaction with Jointech's continuous innovation and advanced technology. Jointech will continue to innovate and improve to provide advanced and reliable technology support for customs monitoring.



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