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Revolutionizing Cross-Border Customs Supervision: Intelligent E-Lock Operations and Management Solution

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It seems that day-to-day cross-border cargo supervision can present a few headaches. Through on-site research and in-depth communication with various customs and government personnel, we've uncovered the following challenges:

1. Visibility Issues
Onsite e-lock quantities and statuses are not clearly visible and not automatically displayed on the platform.
2. Manual Allocation ⚡
E-lock allocation is processed manually. There may be uneven or delayed device allocation affecting the transportation and regulatory processes of goods.
3. Disorganized Storage ️
E-locks are often stored messily without clear locations or methods, complicating management and use.
4. Charging Delays
Delayed charging can result in unprepared devices, potentially causing lapses in cargo monitoring.
5. Low Maintenance Efficiency ️
Inefficient repair and maintenance can result in prolonged device inactivity or malfunctions, impeding regulatory work.

To address these challenges, enhance the efficiency of e lock usage and facilitate customs supervision. We have introduced the intelligent operations and management solution. It is like a "personal assistant" for customs supervision, making everything simple and efficient:

1. Real-Time Monitoring
Instantly view e-lock quantities and status insights on the platform for transparent management.
2. Improved Allocation Efficiency ⚡
Automated and fast e-lock allocation, ensuring smooth and timely distribution.
3. Optimized Storage and Charging
Keep e-locks in organized storage and ensure timely charging, prolonging lifespan and reducing risks.
4. Effective Repair and Maintenance Support ️
Provide efficient support to maintain e-locks in good condition, minimizing downtime.
5. Enhanced System Automation
Improve automation level of entire system operations through integration with ECTS and other systems.

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