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Pioneering Innovation: Jointech Shines at WCO Tech Conference 2023

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As the opening day of the WCO Tech Conference began, Jointech's booth attracted the attention of many customs officials. Our team actively showcased our products, systems and latest technology solutions, attracting great interest from the customs officials in attendance.

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The event was full of enthusiasm and vitality. Our professional team engaged in in-depth discussions with customs officials, demonstrating how our innovative technologies play a crucial role in customs operations. Our products and system solutions attracted a lot of attention from the Customs officials and conference attendees, especially the latest technological solutions related to Customs Cargo Supervision & Dispatching Management.

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Our team is encouraged by the surprising results of the first day's exhibition activities. Tomorrow, Mr. Gavin Deng will represent Jointech in the technical conference presentation to share on the topic of Customs Cargo Supervision and Dispatch Management. If you are attending #WCO2023, we welcome you to join us at this technical conference to learn about our latest solutions for customs cargo supervision and dispatch management and discuss your specific needs with us. In addition, we look forward to meeting more customs representatives during the exhibition, engaging in collaborative discussions, exchanging ideas, and exploring how technological innovation can optimize customs operations and drive the digitization, standardization, and automation of the customs cargo transportation process.

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We firmly believe that through our innovative technology and excellent solutions, we can bring greater value to the customs industry and contribute to achieving more efficient and secure cargo supervision and dispatch management.


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