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Optimize Logistics with GPS-Enabled Smart Locks: Ensure Real-Time Cargo Monitoring And Supply Chain Integrity

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In the bustling world of logistics, do you ever worry about whether your cargo has safely reached its destination? Do you worry about the risk of theft or damage in transit?

Scene One: Cargo Loading
At the port, a container truck loaded with valuable goods is about to depart. Traditional locks offer no real-time monitoring, and in the event of theft, tracking and gathering evidence can take considerable time and resources. The GPS lock's GPS+LBS/cloud platform real-time tracking feature keeps your cargo under control at all times.

Scene Two: En Route Monitoring
During long-distance transport, cargo may face unpredictable situations. The GPS lock's intelligent low-power mode and signal-blind zone supplemental reporting ensure that critical data is recorded and uploaded even in areas with poor signal, protecting cargo.

Scene Three: Emergency Response
If the cargo encounters an emergency, such as unauthorised unlocking or cutting of the lock cable, the GPS lock's multi-alarm system responds immediately, sending alerts via SMS, email or other push notifications, allowing you to be informed and take action at the earliest opportunity.

Scene Four: Supply Chain Management
When monitoring financial collateral in the supply chain, the GPS lock's remote unlocking function reduces the cost of manual inspection for banks and financial institutions, improving the efficiency and accuracy of asset management.

Jointech's intelligent electronic lock is more than just a lock; it is the intelligent guardian of your logistics network, making every cargo journey safe and efficient.


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