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Jointech Successfully Concluded the Participation in the WCO Tech Conference 2023

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The WCO Technology Conference 2023 was held in Hanoi, Vietnam from 10.10-12 October. Under the theme "Embracing the Digital Age, Leveraging Technology, Fostering Innovation, and Nurturing the Next Generation of Customs Professionals", the conference aims to explore the importance of using technology and innovation in the field of customs.


Based on the extensive service experience with Customs in over 40 countries, as well as the latest AI products and systems that enhance the technical capabilities of Customs, Jointech was honored to be invited by the World Customs Organization to participate in this professional technology conference.

Throughout the conference, Jointech's AI scene recognition technology, big data analytics, and cross-border transport information interaction technology received high praise and recognition from technical officers in attendance. In particular, the digital twin technology was highly appreciated by technical officials from the General Administration of Customs of China.


In addition, the WCO Secretary General, Dr. Kunio Mikuriya, shared a practical application case study of Vietnam Customs using Jointech's GPS Seal JT701 at the conference.  Vietnamese media conducted interviews and reports on Jointech's booth at the exhibition.


We sincerely appreciate the strong support and recognition from the World Customs Organization and the Vietnam Customs.  And we look forward to working together with the WCO,and customs authorities around the world to make further efforts and innovations for the digitalization, automation, and standardization of customs operations.


Thank you once again for the support and attention given!


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