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Jointech Shines at Expo Seguridad México 2024: Pioneering Smart Logistics Solutions

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As the Expo Seguridad México 2024 comes to a successful close, Jointech has achieved remarkable accomplishments and success at this prestigious event that merges technology with security. Over the span of three days, Jointech not only showcased its cutting-edge intelligent terminals and industry solutions but also engaged in in-depth exchanges with experts in the global logistics security field.


Highlights Review: 

 1. AI Scene Recognition Technology: Jointech's AI technology has the capability to recognize and analyze security scenarios in real-time, offering a new perspective on logistics security that captured the attention of many attendees. 

 2. Big Data Analytics: By conducting an in-depth analysis of logistics data, Jointech demonstrated how it can assist companies in optimizing their supply chain management and improving efficiency, earning accolades from industry experts. 

 3. Cross-Border Transportation Information Exchange: Our technology facilitates seamless information exchange in cross-border transportation, enhancing the traceability of goods and bringing innovative solutions to the logistics industry. 

 4. Innovative Products and Solutions: These include global multimodal transportation security and timeliness management, customs in-transit asset supervision, corporate supply chain logistics security and timeliness management, and refined oil distribution safety management, showcasing Jointech's profound strength in the field of smart logistics.

Jointech has gained a deeper understanding and insight into the future trends and technological developments of the smart logistics industry. Through in-depth research and communication with industry needs and challenges, the company has received valuable guidance for future product development and service optimization. 


Gratitude and Future Outlook

We extend our gratitude to every participant, visitor, and organizer for their support and efforts, which made the Expo Seguridad México 2024 an unforgettable event. Jointech looks forward to meeting everyone again in future exhibitions and events to witness more innovation and possibilities together.


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