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Jointech's Enterprise Logistics Solution: Ensuring Secure And Traceable Cargo Delivery

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In enterprise logistics, ensuring security and traceability has always been a challenging issue:

▶ Keeping goods safe is difficult because they are vulnerable to theft, tampering, or damage.

▶ Lack of real-time information makes it difficult to accurately track the location and delivery progress of goods.

▶ When exceptional circumstances arise, it becomes difficult to take timely action to address and manage the situation, resulting in delivery delays or disruptions.

▶ Managing distribution data is cumbersome, making it difficult to track the delivery process and optimize the supply chain.

Jointech's enterprise logistics solution is designed to address and resolve these challenges, ensuring the security of goods, real-time tracking of delivery progress, and optimization of supply chain management through data analysis.

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How to ensure worry-free cargo security?

Jointech's supply chain logistics solution provides a secure sealing feature to prevent unauthorized access and alerts you in real-time to potential security issues.

How to stay informed about delivery progress in real-time? Jointech's GPS lock incorporates advanced GPS positioning technology, allowing you to track the location and delivery progress of your cargo at any time. It also offers real-time notification features to ensure the timeliness and reliability of deliveries.

How to handle exceptions to ensure smooth delivery?

Our navigation seal provides real-time alerts and notification features, enabling you to promptly receive notifications of any exceptional situations. This allows you to take immediate action and make necessary scheduling adjustments to ensure smooth delivery.

How to optimize supply chain and delivery data management?

Our management solution records critical data such as the location, time, and temperature of cargos. This helps enterprises trace the delivery process and, through data analysis, optimize the supply chain to enhance delivery efficiency and reduce costs.

The solution has been successfully implemented at Carrefour in Poland and continues to demonstrate its effectiveness. If you are interested in our solution, feel free to contact us for more information.


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