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Jointech Achieves Tremendous Success at the China International Logistics and Supply Chain Fair!

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The China International Logistics and Supply Chain Fair (as CILF) is a flagship exhibition in the global modern logistics and supply chain industry. It serves as a prominent platform for promoting industry cooperation, integration, and value enhancement. As the largest comprehensive international logistics and transportation event in Asia, CILF brings together top companies and professionals from around the world.

Rencetly, as a leading global provider and operator of mobile asset management solutions, Jointech shines with its exceptional technological strength and innovation! We showcased a range of smart logistics technology applications at the exhibition, garnering widespread attention and acclaim.

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Jointech's AI gps video lock devices and digital twin platform became the highlight of the exhibition, impressed industry experts and professionals alike.

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During the exhibition, the organizers organized an award ceremony with the theme "Smart Logistics and Supply Chain." Among thousands of exhibitors, Jointech stood out and received the "Innovative Smart Logistics Technology Application" Golden Bull Award, a testament to our outstanding achievements in technological innovation.


Furthermore, we conducted a presentation on the theme "Multimodal Transport In-Transit Monitoring Solutions," where we shared typical application cases such as government customs asset supervision, valuable cargo transportation by third-party logistics companies, and container asset security management. Mr. Barty Chen, Deputy General Manager of Jointech, was interviewed by several media outlets at the event, sharing Jointech's advantages and typical application cases.

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We extend our gratitude to all the visitors and media friends who visited the Jointech’s booth! Your attention and support are the driving forces that propel us to continuously innovate. Jointech remains committed to providing smart logistics technology solutions and collaborating with partners to drive the development of the logistics and supply chain industry.

To learn more about Jointech's innovative achievements and industry insights, please visit our website (https://www.jointcontrols.com) or contact our team. We look forward to collaborating with you to create a smarter future for logistics!


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