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Supply Chain Transportation Monitoring Solution

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Some enterprises are actively looking for a more efficient development path, constantly strengthening digital construction, and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of enterprise operations through technical means. The rapid development of new retail formats has accelerated the process of integrating offline and online sales of supermarkets, and has also put forward higher requirements for the safety and timeliness of distribution. The demand for logistics and distribution is becoming small-scale and high frequency. As a result, the manual formulation of distribution plans has encountered bottlenecks.

The logistics digital system using artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology can optimize the logistics business process and improve efficiency, which can make the previously difficult and complicated planning work easier and realize the automatic distribution of transportation tasks and the safety and timeliness management of the transportation process. In the past few years, Carrefour Poland began to gradually implement the digital construction of logistics center distribution, realizing the automation of the distribution of transportation tasks.


Drivers receive orders and receiving IoT devices after binding delivery tasks, transport vehicles, and drivers. The system can automatically manage each delivery task digitally. We can see that after the driver receives the task dispatched by the system through the mobile phone, he goes to the distribution center to print the delivery order through the verification code. After the system confirms that the driver prints the delivery task list, it starts to load the vehicle according to the delivery task list. The driver receives the delivery note and the smart electronic lock with a delivery task list. The management personnel seal the loaded vehicles to ensure the safety of the goods in transit. After the container is sealed with an electronic lock, the device will automatically obtain the transportation dynamics and node data. The system will use big data to analyze the timeliness of each delivery task and provide suggestions for improvement. 

Carrefour in other European countries is also gradually implementing the system. 

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