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The fuel consumption remote monitoring and management system is composed of collection device (sensor), transmission equipment, and system platforms. It has four independent intellectual property systems for remote fuel monitoring: fuel consumption data collection system/data transmission system/data analysis system/DEMO.

Fuel Consumption Data Collection System

Fuel Storage Tank Fuel Level Data
Irregular Tank Fuel Level Data Collection
Multiple Tank Fuel Level Data Collection
Single Tank Fuel Level Data
Real Time Transmission System

Transmit fuel data​​​​​​​
to center through GPRS

Transmit fuel data to center​​​​​​​
through marine satellite in area without GSM signal​​​​​​​
Transmit fuel data​​​​​​​
to center through WIFI in WIFI area

Data Statistic Analysis Management System

A single set of data acquisition system can stably process 5000 devices and store monitoring data at the same time. It also can distribute in line with the data format that the clients demand.
DEMO Demo System

Demo system for fuel monitoring simulation system:
Through simulating vehicle running in different road condition, analysing & handling the data caused by refueling & fuel theft incident, the client can master the principle and use of the complete system even in office for training, demonstration and promotion.


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