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Enhancing Oil Transport Safety And Efficiency with Jointech's Innovative Solutions

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In the crucial field of refined oil transportation, companies are facing increasingly complex operational challenges that directly impact efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Oil transportation companies commonly encounter the following issues:

  • Mysterious reduction in oil volume during transportation?

  • Accidental oil spillage during the loading process at the depot, resulting in losses?

  • Accidental mixing of different grades of oil during the loading process?

  • Incorrect unloading of different grades of oil at the gas station?

  • Inaccurate delivery of oil to designated stations, leading to scheduling chaos?

  • Lack of real-time monitoring of key information during transportation, such as valve status, oil level, and transportation progress?

  • Lack of effective visual management dispatch process?

Jointech conducted multiple in-depth on-site surveys to address the challenges faced by oil transportation companies.

In response to these challenges, Jointech has conducted multiple in-depth on-site surveys, continuously adjusting and upgrading our solutions, and has finally launched a refined oil transportation safety management solution. This ensures the accuracy and efficiency of the transportation process, significantly improving the level of oil transportation management.

Key Features

1. Anti-theft: With our proprietary intelligent valve lock, we achieve effective authentication and control over the valve's operation. Combined with geographic location tracking and anti-mixing oil technology, it eliminates unauthorized discharges and prevents leakage, ensuring the safe and leak-free transportation of oil.

2. Preventing Spillage During Secondary Loading: The intelligent valve lock, equipped with built-in sensors, is integrated with the operational workflow to prevent secondary oil loading, thereby avoiding oil depot overflow incidents.

Preventing oil mixing: The system automatically verifies the oil product information. If differences are detected, it automatically rejects the operation, thus preventing the mixing of different grades of oil.

3. Preventing misunloading: Based on the scheduling orders from the petrochemical company, combined with the Tanker Compartment, Gas Station Underground Storage, geographical location, and operational scheduling information, we ensure the correct oil is unloaded at the correct gas station, eliminating the issue of unloading the wrong oil.

4. Efficiency Analysis: Starting from the oil loading at the depot, every step of the operation process and each time point is placed under supervision. This includes detailed tracking of each operation's specific time and location, enabling a comprehensive analysis of refined oil transportation efficiency to enhance management effectiveness.

5. Scheduling Visualization: With the use of visual design, we effectively present the operational information at each node, enhancing the supervisory experience and increasing the system's value.

6. Paperless Operation: The entire process of job scheduling and oil delivery acceptance can be completed within the system, utilizing explosion-proof tablets for signing off, achieving complete paperless operations.

Jointech not only provide technical solutions but also strive to grow together with our customers.Through our innovative solutions, we have significantly enhanced the efficiency of oil transportation management, ensuring safety, accuracy, and efficiency throughout the transportation process. Jointech will continue providing customers with excellent service and professional solutions, driving the oil transportation industry towards a smarter and more modern future.


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