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Assets Monitoring of China-Europe Railway

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With the deepening of China's "Belt and Road" strategy, the volume of goods transported on the China-Europe Railway has been growing rapidly. According to data from the China Railway Corporation, in 2021, there were fifteen thousand China-Europe freight train services, a year-on-year increase of 22%, with 1.46 million TEUs of cargo shipped, a year-on-year increase of 29%. Against the backdrop of the global shipping disruption caused by the pandemic and a surge in demand for Asia-Europe freight, the China-Europe Railway has emerged as a "golden channel" for international land transportation, propelling China's economy into a fast lane of high-quality development.

As the freight volume continues to soar, there is a growing demand for process control in China-Europe Railway cargo transportation.

1.Shippers want to know the whereabouts and safety of their goods and ensure on-time delivery to customers.

2.Logistics companies seek to stay informed of the arrival information of goods, timely pick up and transfer goods, and avoid unnecessary demur rage fees.

3.Rail operators aim to monitor asset status and ensure the security of goods during transit.

Assets Monitoring of China-Europe Railway-1

To address the diverse needs of different stakeholders involved in China-Europe Railway transportation, Jointech has conducted extensive research and on-site investigations, and introduced a series of intelligent terminals and a China-Europe Railway big data platform tailored to their specific requirements.

How "JointCloud 2.0" can meet the management needs of different stakeholders involved in China-Europe Railway transportation? Within the China-Europe Railway ecosystem, stakeholders have the flexibility to choose suitable intelligent terminals based on their specific requirements.


Through the "Jointclound 2.0" platform, stakeholders can remotely monitor their assets, accessing real-time information on the location and status of containerized cargo. For customers with a high demand for asset security, they can seal containers on the China-Europe Railway and authorize their unsealing via the platform, ensuring the safety of goods during transportation.

The platform also provides preset information on the main transportation routes and major stations along the China-Europe Railway. It notifies stakeholders about asset arrivals, delays, and any other relevant information, enabling them to make proactive decisions and ensure the efficiency and security of the supply chain. Additionally, Jointech has introduced the "China-Europe Railway Big Data Dashboard," through which stakeholders can access the average transport time of different routes and the average customs clearance time at major ports along the China-Europe Railway. This valuable information helps stakeholders plan the optimal route in advance.


"Jointclound 2.0" platform is providing asset management data services for China Railway Corporation, major freight forwarding companies of China-Europe freight trains, and cargo owners.


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