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Which brand is the logistics electronic lock brand good?

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The electronic lock in the security field, using the mechanical cipher with anti-theft alarm function of electronic locks to replace the traditional lock, overcomes the less mechanical lock password, poor safety performance, the lock in both technique and performance are greatly improved in one step.

Application of logistics electronic lock in supermarket distribution

At present, many chain supermarkets in China do not have proper logistics information when they are transported, and there is no real-time information about the goods distribution between supermarkets and warehouses. Many chain supermarkets and their suppliers can not exchange data in a timely manner, the shipper and the ordering party can not master the order status, the goods in the warehouse status and in transit conditions. The logistics network has no unified layout, the distribution of logistics enterprises is too dispersed, and the effective allocation of resources can not be achieved. The logistics facilities and equipment are generally poor, the lack of effective logistics and distribution network, low delivery efficiency. Cause many things in the process of transportation unaccounted for, steal seriously.

Intelligent electronic lock is an electronic lock with GPS, GPRS and RFID functions as one. Without installing, it can be directly locked on the door of the logistics vehicle, so that the vehicle can be remotely supervised. Intelligent electronic locks can record product details, facilitate security sources, real recorded data, can not be forged, tampered with, and intelligent objects linked cloud platform to achieve data synchronization, data networking.

Which brand is smart electronic lock brand good?

[JT701] is a long way for intelligent management of mobile asset tracking lock, it has key free design, remote unlocking RFID/; large capacity battery, long working time; the built-in wireless module, real-time online monitoring; built-in GPS module, GPS tracking; safety monitoring, illegal unlocking alarm function. It is suitable for remote monitoring of container, flatbed truck, box type freight car management, etc..


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