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What are the characteristics of the oil level sensor

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What are the characteristics of the oil level sensor?

Automotive oil level sensor, also known as oil level transmitter, is for railway locomotives, car fuel tanks, tankers, oil depots and other oil-level measurement of the precise measurement of specialized instruments tailored.

The machine without any moving or flexible parts, impact resistance, easy installation, high reliability, high precision, good cost performance.

Can be installed in various occasions on the gasoline, diesel, hydraulic oil and other oil level for accurate monitoring and control, but also for a variety of non-conductive liquid measurement. Particularly severe in the field conditions, particularly serious electromagnetic interference, especially in the case of powerful mixing medium can also be used to measure such conductive products.

The core components of automobile oil level sensor adopt advanced RF capacitance detection circuit to convert to standard electric signal (usually 4-20mA) through 16-bit microcomputer through precise temperature compensation and linear correction. Optional HART, CANBUS, 485 communication protocol for system configuration. A full range of transmitters with self-calibration function, the user can be two buttons or two leads to "zero", "range" automatic calibration to meet the different requirements of a variety of complex places.

Automotive-specific oil level sensor works:

The sensing part of the vehicle-specific oil level sensor is a coaxial container, which changes the capacitance between the sensor case and the sensing electrode when the oil enters the container. This variation is accurately compensated by the conversion of the circuit and by the linearity and temperature compensation , Output 4-20mA standard signal display instrument.


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