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The principle of automobile fuel level sensor

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The oil level sensor is one of the important parts of automobile cannot lack, its structure is more complex, following on from the Hisamichi manufacturer level sensor and discuss the specific principle of automotive fuel level sensor:

I. overview:

Level sensor is a precise measure for railway locomotive, automobile fuel tank, oil tanker, oil depot and tailored to the special instrument, the capacitance sensor acquisition circuit with advanced 16 bit single chip for signal processing, precision can reach 0.2[%]. The machine does not have any movable or elastic parts, impact resistance, easy installation, high reliability, high precision, good performance and price ratio.

Two, instrument features:

1. It is simple in structure, without any movable or elastic element, so the reliability is very high and the maintenance is very little. In general, maintenance is not necessary.

2. Accurate temperature compensation, eliminate the error caused by the oil medium due to thermal expansion and contraction.

3. It can be used for high temperature oil level measurement, and the measurement is not affected by the temperature of the fluid to be measured, the proportion and the shape of the container and pressure. The output signal of L has a certain damping time, which eliminates the data fluctuation caused by vibration and bump.

4. perfect over-current, over-voltage, power supply polarity protection.

Three, working principle:

The sensor level sensor is a container of coaxial, when the variation of capacitance between the sensor shell and the induction electrode caused by oil into the container, the amount of change through the conversion circuit and a linear and accurate temperature compensation, the output of the 4 ~ 20mA standard signal supply display instrument.

On the structural characteristics of the special vehicle level sensor, Hisamichi to introduce here, now the improved sensor technology has been widely used in military and civilian weapon system in industrial production, with varying degrees of success in many fields!


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