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The development of cold chain logistics industry

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The characteristics of the future development of China cold chain logistics industry, the industry currently has five major trends, cold chain transportation monitoring and analysis of all manufacturers

Trend 1: cold chain logistics market to maintain steady and rapid growth

Three factors to promote the rapid growth of the cold chain logistics market is expected in the next 3 to 5 years an average annual growth rate of 21%. First international. The expansion of domestic FTA pilot, improve the imported fresh category and sharp; APEC held after the Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone to achieve greater breakthroughs, and bring new opportunities, at present South Korea and Australia FTA has made substantial progress. Two is standardization. Enhance the consumption per capita, on the quality of fresh food requirements increase, strengthen the awareness of the cold chain standards; domestic regulations and regulatory measures to further improve, and supporting infrastructure upgrade, boost the healthy development of cold chain industry. Three is the rural market. Rural market demand and agricultural products into the city, go abroad, will further stimulate the development of cold chain logistics industry.


Trend two: fresh electricity supplier to promote the upgrading of cold chain logistics model

The international electricity supplier docking to accelerate the internationalization of the domestic cold chain services, promote international brands to enter the fresh market of our country, the comprehensive service capability requirements to improve the cold chain distribution function with the type of supply chain enterprises rapid rise.

Domestic cold chain enterprises began to follow the national strategy gradually out of the country, cross-border acquisitions become a new trend.

Electricity supplier to the countryside to promote the new thinking of the cold chain to the countryside, the construction of urban and rural areas combined with the construction of cold storage usher in a great opportunity for development, agricultural products into the city, the need to accelerate the development of F2C model. Deep processing of fresh products and brand building on the agenda, similar to the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, northeast Wuchang rice, Chu orange and other products will be increased.


Trend three: cross-border competition presents a more diversified characteristics

New competitors are emerging. The cold chain 50 strong enterprise structure analysis results show that, in addition to the direct manufacturers cut, cut, cut the traditional logistics business electricity supplier, traders (traders and freight forwarders fresh import trade, etc.) refrigeration equipment manufacturers have entered the high-profile cold chain logistics industry, I believe that behind will also follow up.

Cold chain logistics service form is also more diversified. The traditional transportation around the service, such as cold chain transportation, cold storage, cold chain delivery, cold chain packaging industry, cold chain certification services, including product traceability, supplier rating, construction, fresh products trading center IT technology providers, namely, total quality control, such as temperature, humidity and other architecture is the formation of the whole industry chain.


Trend four: the impact of capital on the new trend of cold chain logistics

Traditional scale and improve the service investment model will continue. Around the industrial layout of the ecological capital will also appear (similar to the national cold chain industry development fund, committed to investing in cold chain infrastructure related content, such as packaging technology, quality monitoring system and industry standards, etc.). Capital help domestic cold chain enterprises cross-border acquisitions.


Trend five: technical innovation cold chain logistics standard landing

The development of technology helps to improve the service quality and efficiency of cold chain, including refrigeration technology, food quick freezing technology, cold storage automation, packaging technology and so on.

Long Tong believes that the growth and innovation of cold chain logistics and cold chain logistics short board and the problem is still accompanied by the line, the future of cold chain logistics industry want to get a breakthrough, we need to continue efforts!


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