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Technical parameters of automobile oil level sensor

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Automotive oil level sensor is the role of the automotive industry is very large, it is installed in the top mounted type, its service life is 5*106 (continuous action)

Technical parameters of automobile oil level sensor

There are many kinds of vehicle oil level sensors, such as capacitor, electronic and so on. The old swing rod oil float is a hollow ball that floats on the surface of the reservoir. The other end is potentiometer oil depends on the amount of float height, the other end of the potentiometer with flue level at different potentials, 'to show up on the dashboard of the sensing part capacitive level sensor is a container of coaxial, when the variation of capacitance between the sensor shell and the induction electrode caused by oil into the container, the change quantity through the conversion circuit and a linear and accurate temperature compensation, 4-20mA standard signal output supply display instrument. Electronic type can be divided into resistance, voltage, frequency and other output forms according to the output signal.


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