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Let's go on a picnic!

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On April 15th, We took a well-deserved break from their busy schedules to enjoy a nature-themed cooking activity. The event was aimed at helping workmates unwind, bond with each other, and appreciate the beauty of nature.

The day began with going out to the estate's farm to pick fresh vegetables and then start cooking.

While picking vegetables, staff were able to enjoy the lush scenery around them, which provided a calming and uplifting atmosphere. Many employees said they appreciated the opportunity to get away from their screens and immerse themselves in nature.


"Getting out of the office and picking fresh vegetables was such a treat," said one employee. "It was great to feel the sun on our faces and breathe in the fresh air. Cooking with our colleagues made the experience even more enjoyable."

The cooking activity was also an opportunity for employees to learn more about sustainable agriculture and healthy eating. "I didn't realize how easy it was to cook with fresh, seasonal vegetables," said another employee. "It was inspiring to see how much can be done with simple ingredients."


Overall, the nature-themed cooking activity was a success, with employees feeling refreshed and energized by the end of the day. [Company Name] plans to organize more similar events in the future to support the wellbeing and happiness of its workforce.



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