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Jointech's Annual Summary of 2012 & New Year''s Celebration Party

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Feb 1st 2013, All the staff of Jointech gathered together to hold the Annual Summary of 2012 and New Year's Celebration Party.

At annual party, everyone was talking & singing happily, sharing the joy of harvest, looking into the 2013 plannings and targets, the rich & colorful activities put all employees of the company together. After the activities, all the members enjoyed the fancy dinner, toasting for celebrating the New Year. The party ended in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere.

In reviewing the past, the dragon year for each one of us is difficult to forget, it gave us hope & harvest. more importantly, it gave us growing experience. Looking into the future, this year will be better than last year, Jade "Snake" sunrise from the east. 2013, let us together with courage & diligence, stride confidently ahead, to make Jointech's more splendid tomorrow.

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