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Jointech invite you to visit Global Sources Electronics Show (HK), 2017

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Jointech will participate in Global Sources Electronics Show hold in AsiaWorld- Expo, Hong Kong, From 11th to 14th , Apr, 2017

Jointech invite you to visit Global Sources Electronics Show (HK), 2017-2

Jointech is specialized in providing mobile asset monitoring and management solution of the IOT application segment market, and devote itself to be the leading solution provider and operator in asset management industry. With many years of technology accumulation in IOT industry, Jointech has developed a serial of intelligent terminals and cloud management software for mobile asset management, and provide advanced, functional, stable, reliable operation system and solution for the market.

This exhibition will specially show the product of JT700 series, and its main application environment is concentrated on monitoring solution of container transportation, cooling chain monitoring solution, trailer, tow trucks, etc mobile asset management solution. Hereby Jointech sincerely invite all partners to visit our booth, and our booth information as follow:

Exhibition Name: Global Sources Electronics Show (Hk), 2017

Time: From 11th to 14th, Apr, 2017

Address:  AsiaWorld- Expo, Hong Kong

Exhibitor: Shenzhen Joint Technology Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 1H11 (Hall 1, H11)


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