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Jointech and ZTE IOT reach strategic cooperation

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-Asset management solution developmentbased on NB-IoT

In Middle of March 2017, Jointech andZTE IOT signed cooperative agreement. Both of us will develop asset managementsolution together, and this solution is based on new generation IOT solutionNB-IoT. According to content of cooperation, Jointech will become uniquepartner of ZTE IOT in mobile asset management industry, and ZTE IOT willprovide NB-IOT chip for developing new intelligent hardware with Jointech. Onbasis of development plan in April, the two parties will push out the first oneintelligent hardware for cooling chain temperature monitoring in whole processand launch it to the market. This cooperation is a symbol that NB-IOTtechnology is applied to industrialization.

Jointech and ZTE IOT reach strategic cooperation-1

ZTE is a professional manufacturer inIOT industry who devote himself to realize more smart, more safe, more stablewireless connection and service. Its 2G, 3G,4G module(include NB-IoT) hasserved 32 million smart terminals. Taking Jointech as the unique partner inasset management of NB-IOT industry, this is a high recognition for Jointech’stechnology accumulation in IoT industry and market promotion.

Through this cooperation, Jointech willprovide new solution for mobile asset management in complicated environmentlike: underground parking lot, tunnel with bad signal, and solve the problem ofsmart hardware powering, signal connection in complicated environment. At thesame time, we also can meet mass connection requirement and provide morepossibility for global asset connection and management. The solutioncombination of ofo, NB-IoT is a typical and exemplary application.  

In 3rd June, 2016, GPP (Mobilecommunications standardization organization)took NB-IoT protocol as globalunique standard in IoT industry. Market survey firm Gartner predict that theworld IoT hardware will reach 26 billion units, and the market volume will be1,900 billion USD. There is more crazy prediction with McKinsey, the market volume will reach 11,100billion USD in 2025.

Jointech and ZTE IOT reach strategic cooperation-2

With the explosive growth of market, ourcooperation is a powerful combination. On basis of existed superiority, we willfast occupy high ground of mobile asset management industry. We will keep pioneering advantages in own field and provide more perfectsolution on mobile asset management solution, make new contribution to NB-IoTapplication in mobile asset management.


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