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Jointech-Cold Chain Solution for COVID-19 Vaccine Transport

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Pay attention! The efficacy data from the COVID-19 vaccine test developed by Pfizer and Germany's BioNTech certainly excited the market, and the euphoria was extended with positive news from the Moderna candidate too.However, the two vaccines both require cold-chain transportation and storage.


Have well known that these vaccines, which use strands of geneticmaterial known as mRNA, also have some stringent temperature requirements. Shown as followings:

  • Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine : -70℃ six months’ storage ; 2℃-8℃ 5 days’storage.

  • Moderna’s vaccine: -20℃ long-term storage; 2℃-8℃ 30 days’ storage.

What’s more, it has to strictly control the number of door openings to ensure the quality of the COVID-19 vaccine. So the next job is figuring out how to distribute hundreds of millions of doses of the vaccine across the world.

Shenzhen Joint Technology Co.,Ltd is committed to provide global mobile assets management solution for 14 years, especially for online fleet management (logistics transportation fleet, cold chain transportation). Our business has covered more than 80 countries all over the world.


Jointech cold chain solution — the JT701T has been widely used in many projects around the world.


JT701T : GPS Tracking Lock + Wireless Temperature Sensor.


  • GPS tracking lock to track the cold chain vehicle in real time.

  • Unlocking report to check the number of door openings.

  • Temperature report to observe the temperature changes.

Software platform assists online tracking and temperature monitoring.



What benefits can we get on this solution?

  • Data traceability. (Departure record, Arrival time, Trajectory route)

  • Strictly control the number of door openings. (Specified FRID card, SMS, APP unlock)

  • Temperature monitoring to ensure the quality of the COVID vaccine.

  • Illegal unlock alarm and high quality lock to protect the COVID vaccinetransport.


All in all, there are still many uncertainties regarding the transportation of the new crown vaccine. We need to ensure that we have a stable temperature controlled transportation supply chain to ensure the safety of vaccine transportation. Once the new crown vaccine is on the market, Jointech hope to provide support for safe transportation of the vaccine.


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