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Introduction to the role of logistics electronic lock

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Intelligent electronic lock for logistics can further strengthen the logistics monitoring system, especially strengthen the car (including the box type trucks, container transport) in transit transit supervision, the use of high technology content, and intelligent security contact bayonet lock, instead of the current simple sealing, combined with bayonet equipment, tally report, release information, surveillance and the monitoring equipment, the implementation of the whole process of transportation (in transit) monitoring.

Characteristics of intelligent electronic lock:

1 、 built-in GPS module, GPRS module, active UHF RFID tag.

2, accurate positioning of the vehicle position, accuracy less than 10 meters.

3, the use of high strength plastic mold, lock body is not easy to destroy, passive failure will provide an alarm signal, can be anti fall, shock, waterproof, dust-proof.

4, high capacity batteries, at least 120 hours of work time.

5, GPRS communication mode terminal, after each connection, automatically enter the GPS positioning mode, using TCP/IP and UDP protocol.

6, in the lock open state, the administrator can remotely set the electronic lock.

7, positioning information, positioning the vehicle real-time information. And in the regulatory mode set the time, return a location information, until the shutdown mode of supervision.

8, electronic key in the absence of electricity or SIM card, no signal and other special circumstances, you can use the key to open. The key authority can be authorized by the monitoring center according to the actual situation.

9, monitoring alarm, according to pre-set alarm range, overtime, route to the police violations.


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