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How to choose the level sensor?

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Before choosing to use the oil level sensor, environment investigation, and according to the specific use of the environment to choose appropriate level sensor, or to take appropriate measures to reduce the environmental effect.

A quantitative index for stability level sensor, over use period, before use should be re calibrated to determine whether the performance level sensor changes. Use for a long time? And can not easily be replaced or calibration requirements in some level sensor can occasion, the stability of the oil level sensor more stringent requirements, should be able to withstand the test of long time

Precision is an important performance index of the oil level sensor, it is related to an important part of the accuracy of the measurement system. The oil level sensor precision is high, the price is expensive, therefore, as long as the fuel level sensor accuracy meet the accuracy of the measurement system requirements can not be too high. It can meet many to the same level sensor measurement in the selection of relatively cheap and simple level sensor. If the measurement objective is the qualitative analysis, selection of high precision level sensor can be repeated, should not use the absolute value of high precision; if it is for the quantitative analysis, to obtain accurate measurements, it will have to choose precision can meet the requirements of the oil level sensor.

For some special applications, not to choose suitable level sensor, is required to design and manufacture level sensor. The performance of self-made level sensor should be used to meet the performance requirements of system level sensor should be used to meet the requirements.


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