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Functions of cold chain monitoring platform

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The cold chain monitoring platform can monitor, record, analyze and make decisions on the environmental temperature of the transportation, and transmit the data to the computer.

Features and functions of cold chain monitoring platform:

(1) to realize the whole process of real time cold chain supervision, such as the transportation side, the storage side, the shipper, the recipient of the goods, the state regulators, etc.;

(2) to reduce the investment in cold chain system of cold chain enterprises;

(3) improve the logistics operation efficiency of cold chain enterprises, and provide the transportation vehicle scheduling;

(4) to realize the real-time connection with supervision and traceability system, to clarify the responsibility of food safety, and to reduce the risk of cold chain business

(5) to enhance the brand image of cold chain enterprises and change the traditional consumption concept, so that enterprises in the same industry more competitive.

There are four main categories of user groups:

1, the enterprise has its own cold chain transportation team or cold chain logistics company

2, engaged in cold chain car rental company or individual rental

3, with cold chain transportation enterprises

4, Logistics Port cold storage rental enterprises. Such as fresh food wholesale, meat processing, dairy factory and other related food companies.

The logistics distribution system of fresh business platform, to have logistics management platform can be customized to the user interface, the existing logistics management platform of monitoring data and user docking or with each other form, order no..


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