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Development and future trend of electronic locks

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Refers to the electronic lock, the domestic public awareness or use of it still remain in some public places such as offices, schools, hotel rooms, banks, etc., and only a handful of ordinary people will use. However, in Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea and other countries, the use of electronic locks has been quite common, especially in the civilian market penetration rate is much higher than domestic.

According to statistics, in Europe and the United States accounted for 50% of the market for electronic locks, Japan and South Korea accounted for more than 70% of the locks of the market, while in China, electronic locks only account for less than 8% of the market. Because the average level of electronic lock manufacturers in China is still in the late 70s, the level of the middle of 80s, the high cost of electronic locks, installation is difficult, so the difficulty of the implementation of the market. However, this is not caused by the popularity of electronic lock in civil locks rate is low, but also lead to commercial and industrial use of the lock lock is the most mature products abroad, the domestic electronic lock manufacturers are more difficult to break the international giant surrounded lock.

Although in recent years the domestic electronic lock market confusion, but it is gratifying, more and more domestic electronic lock manufacturers through independent research and development, gradually reduce dependence on foreign manufacturers, has gradually formed its own unique products electronic lock technology, such as Hisamichi IOT production logistics intelligent electronic lock.

We have reason to believe that the electronic lock to replace the mechanical lock is an inevitable trend of development, as an important application of electronic padlock lock electronic lock in the field of industry, with its technical superiority will be richly endowed by nature, promote the development of China lock industry, so it is widely used in more fields and make our future more secure!


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