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Application scope of electronic lock for long truck

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As everyone knows of goods in the logistics and transport process management and cargo security problems are the most attention, Hisamichi truck electronic lock is designed to solve the trucking goods according to plan according to travel safety to destination, and full control of goods safety.

Application scope of electronic lock for long truck: 

Suitable for transporting goods to the destination after shipment. Long truck electronic lock with modern information technology for the owner to provide a full range of worry free cargo safe transportation experience.

Long truck electronic lock 2 core functions:

       1. the owner can before the arrival of the goods at the destination, the freight car management platform or APP at any time truck trail, monitoring the transport of goods, to keep abreast of the freight vehicle and the cargo in the logistics and transport process of goods in transit and safety related information.

  2. non normal causes any delay, change route of non natural causes, there are unauthorized attempts to steal goods such as truck electronic lock through truck steward platform or APP can be immediately known to take corresponding protective measures. In order to improve the accuracy and timeliness of delivery of goods and ensure the safety of goods.

  3. real time alarm function when the truck electronic lock is not authorized to pry the lock electronic lock will be real-time through the built-in GSM module alarm to the background, to prevent the loss of goods.

 Hisamichi Wulian (Jointech) and belongs to the cold chain transport container monitoring, remote monitoring, taking concrete vehicle scheduling management, fuel consumption monitoring and management, monitoring and management of mobile assets is the industry's leading solution providers and operators.


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