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2017 Tianyi Smart Eco-Fair

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From 27thJuly to 30th July, organized jointly by the China Telecom andQualcomm Corporation "2017 Tianyi Smart Eco-Fair" held at the Cantonfair in Guangzhou. Exposition "intelligence to create the future" as the theme,the establishment of intelligent connections, wisdom, family, surfing Internet,Internet banking, the cloud and the data of 5 major theme area, a comprehensivedisplay of five business ecosystem development results.

2017 Tianyi Smart Eco-Fair-2

Jointech was invited to participate the intelligent ecological Expo by China Telecom,showing the application in mobile assetmanagement over the years, sharing Jointech's technology in subdivisionvertical applications, such as: container monitoring, smart trailers, coldchain transport process monitoring, fuel consumption monitoring, fields byintroduction of advanced technology and some of the success stories of thepast. The exhibition attracts many visitors of consultation and discussion,access to the China Telecom and professional recognition.

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Jointech Container Monitoring System isa full set of tracking system, which was designed to monitor and track the wholeprocess of the mobile assets that from starting to destination. System issuitable for general containers, refrigerated containers, box-type trucks of different modes oftransport monitoring and safety management, also applies to cross-bordertransport and the use of inland transport in different scenarios.


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