Fleet Management Solutions

More and more enterprises improve their fleet management and reasonably arrange vehicle dispatching with Fleet Management System, which not only efficiently guarantees the security of vehicles and valuables, but also reduces the operational costs.

Means Of Practice

We divide fleet management into three parts: personnel, vehicles and cargo. The personnel include the driver and passengers. Through the effective combination of RFID technology, camera and GPS terminal, we can effectively supervise the driver's driving performance and driving time. In addition, we can also effectively ensure the safety of drivers through alarms and emergency alerts.

Fleet Management:We can track various information of vehicles in real time and provide clients with accurate vehicle location query services. After clearly understanding the current trends of the vehicles, we can efficiently dispatch vehicles. Not only can we clearly know the maintenance of the vehicle, we can also plan the driving route of the vehicle in advance, and carry out detailed management of the transportation plan.

Asset Management:Through camera technology, door magnetic induction technology, barcode scanning technology, RFID technology, GPS technology, wireless transmission technology, etc., monitor the operation of mobile assets on the way, realize effective delivery,management, and effectively prevent valuable assets from being stolen, robbed and lost.

  • Improve the fleet
    efficiency and profitability

  • Reduce the
    management cost

  • Automobile
    maintenance management

  • Improve
    employee satisfaction

  • Promote
    environmental protection

  • Reduce
    burden and risk

Basic Function
1.The management platform supports 10 languages2.Real-time monitoring and historical tracking review3.Route planning/regional planning 4.Vehicles operating reports 5.Real-time Alarms and Alarm reports
Necessary Matching Hardware Products
Details determine the quality, concentration casts the brand
  • Logistics Transportation Fleet Management Solution

  • Post Transport Fleet Management Solution

  • School Bus Fleet Management Solution

  • Refrigerated Transportation Fleet Management Solution

  • Cement Mixer Fleet Management Solution

  • Taxi Fleet Management Solution

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