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In communication network, there are many base station distributed all over the land, and many of them are located in high mountains, difficult to maintenance. The traditional patrol maintenance requires a lot of manpower and financial resources, and is poor in reliability and timeliness.To ensure the regular operation of the country's power grids, high requirements are put forward on power equipment and generator systems.

These requirements include: remotely monitor power supply equipment and communication equipment; reduce maintenance costs, ensure good working conditions for the system, and improve overall work efficiency.

Turnkey Solution

Base Transceiver Site monitoring system is a comprehensive system that combines the data obtained from the sensors (such as magnetic door sensor status, temperature, humidity, power, air conditioning, images, etc.) and transmits it to the center through the communication terminal, so as to monitor the surrounding environment and power status in real time and alert.

System Function
Site remote environment  monitoring
Site energy consumption monitoring
Site power distribution monitoring
Site personnel management
Site emergency response and dispatching management
Reduce site operation & management cost
Arrange the equipment maintenance in schedule
Supply the fuel in time
Reduce the fuel and other energy consumption
Protect important assets in the site


  • G300

  • JT606X

  • infrared sensor

  • RFID

  • camera

  • Temperature & Humidity sensor

  • Temperature & Humidity sensor

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