Challenges in Cold Chain Transportation

Refrigerated goods are of high value and easy to metamorphose. It requires fast transportation and stable temperature environment for storage and transportation, there are the following issues in practice:

  • No alarm when the temperature change

  • Refrigerator stop on the way

  • No pre-cooling before loading

  • Only one temperature sensor

  • Cannot trace to the source for incidents

  • Difficult to manage rental vehicles


Whole process constant multi-channels temperature monitoring; Refrigerator status monitoring; Early warning for abnormal temperature; Alert for refrigerator stop in transportation; Refrigerator is pre-cooled before loading; Limit the door open time to ensure the suitable temperature when goods loading or turnover.

Cold chain logistics of the whole process of dynamic quality tracking and monitoring cloud platforms: report output, traceable recourse, proactive alerts

The whole process of backtracking: covering the production of transportation to the distribution end, the whole process can be traced back temperature data
Seamless: stored procedure transport connection status data continuously recorded temperature (ambient + cargo)
Active Warning: active temperature anomaly alarm to avoid reaching the red line value,
so that prior prevention

Portable Temperature Monitoring Equipment

With scratch-go, convenient, outsourcing zero car rental can be unified management

  • Container Tracker installation diagram

  • Smart Track Lock Installation Diagram

  • Smart Track Lock Installation Diagram

The whole process is monitored in real time through GPS remote monitoring, on-site temperature label detection, and temperature abnormal warning technology

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