JT802 tank car intelligent valve lock is a sub lock product developed on the basis of the existing product functions of JT701D / JT701L intelligent electronic lock. JT701D is the master lock and JT802 is the sub lock, which can be applied to the management application scenario of one master and multiple slave mode (multiple valves) for tank car customers. It supports the remote change of product configuration parameters. With disposable lithium manganese battery, the product has low power consumption and can be used for a long time. At the same time, it provides high-precision asset timing tracking information through the master lock JT701D / JT701L / mobile phone positioning, supports remote online and on-site Bluetooth offline unlocking, and supports real-time monitoring, historical track playback, valve lock status and alarm and other real-time tracking information on different platforms. The product itself has passed the explosion-proof certification (intrinsically safe) and is suitable for explosion-proof (intrinsically safe) handheld terminals. It can control the equipment through handheld terminals and cloud platform at the same time, so as to create a lower cost, safer, more efficient and more intelligent mobile asset positioning management scheme for customers