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Intelligent E-locks Pioneer in Smart Logistics of IOT Application

Simplify Mobile Asset Management


It took two years to develop and invent smart electronic lock terminals for logistics monitoring and management.

  Solutions for online management of global mobile assets.

  Smart terminals are a combination of multiple technologies such as micro-electromechanical integration, RFID, GPRS, and GPS.

Unique customized service

For containers and mobile assets, intelligent E-Locks can meet different requirements, covering safety management, dispatching, shipping and easy installation.


Dual SIMs for automatic internet choice

Electronic lock control, the remote authorization

Authorized RFID Control on APP

Illegal Opening & Dismantling Alarms

Multiple Temperature Monitoring

Combination of Door-Magnet Perception with easy installation

Intelligent E-locks are widely applied for online monitoring of

 containers, trailers, trucks, mobile assets, large cargo shipping management and so on.

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