Container Tracker Vehicle Tracker Smart Lock Fuel Level Sensor Portable Tracker

Originating, Make It Easy On Container And Mobile Asset Management

Making use of international view and Meeting the requirement of mobile asset management,Container Tracker
series takes Jointech 2 years time on development,This series products are combined with features of micro
electron controlling, RFID, GPRS, GPS, etc.

What You Want, We Have

Container Tracker can meet different requirements on container security monitoring,dispatching management, transportation process, and
easy installation, etc.


Integrating with door sensor, easy for installation

Dual SIM card design, switch signal automatically

Electronic lock control, the remote authorization

RFID, APP authorizing on controlling

Illegal door open alarm, dismounting alarm

Muti-way temperature monitoring

Container Tracker Has Been Widely Used In Containers

  Container Tracker are widely used for container, trailer, cargo truck, mobile asset, and bulk cargo transportation management and remote monitoring solution.

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