Smart Lock Container Tracker Vehicle Tracker Smart Trailer Fuel Level Sensor Portable Tracker Generator Monitoring

Intelligent E-Locks Pioneer in simple management for Intelligent

E-locks and Mobile Assets

Two years’ R&D made Intelligent E-lockterminals on Monitoring and Management for logistics

industry which adapts toonline managements for mobile assets from global perspective.The Intelligent terminals are

a combination of several technologies,such as Micro- Mechatronic, RFID, GPRS and GPS.

Unique for Customized service

For containers and mobile assets,the Intelligent E-locks can meet different requirements,covering security management,dispatching,shipping and easy installation.


Dual SIMs for automatic internet choice

Electronic lock control, the remote authorization

Authorized RFID Control on APP

Illegal Opening & Dismantling Alarms

Multiple Temperature Monitoring

Combination of Door-Magnet Perception with easy installation

Intelligent E-locks are widely applied for online monitoring of

  containers,trailers,trucks,mobile assets,large cargo shipping management and so on.

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