The first 10,000 sets smart terminals of mobile asset management and control are delivered in 2021

January 28, 2021, Jointech’s first 10,000 smart terminal of mobile asset management, loaded to a 45-feet high container at the door!

Though the epidemic situation overseas is not optimistic, the demand for Jointech’s products are increasing. Jointech has been providing the smart terminals to many large government projects for years, this 10,000 sets smart terminals are using forcustoms cargo transit supervision.

Intelligent electroniclock JT701 is an intelligent electronic lock for mobile asset monitoring andmanagement, such as container tracking, customs container monitoring,refrigerated truck transportation monitoring, logistics transportation monitoring and so on. With keyless design, RFID/remote unlocking;large-capacity battery, long working time; built-in wireless module, real-timeonline monitoring; built-in GPS module, global positioning tracking; security monitoring, illegal unlocking alarm and other functions. It has been widelyused in remote monitoring and management projects, such as containers,refrigerated trucks, and flatbed trucks.

Jointech has beenequipped with professional standardized assembly production lines and has theability to produce and deliver large quantities of products. The current annualproduction capacity can reach 200,000 to 400,000 terminal equipment. (Productionline)

The timely delivery oflarge quantities one after another is a testament of Jointech’s strongproduction and delivery capabilities.

(Snapshots of the firstshipment of 10,000 sets smart terminals in 2021)

Jointech is committed tobecoming the world's leading provider and operator of mobile asset monitoringand management solutions. It has launched industry-leading technology andmanagement solutions for mobile assets such as containers, box trucks,trailers, trailers, and tankers. Highly recognized and trusted by customers athome and abroad. In the future, we will continue to accumulate the experienceof working with high-end customers as one of the company's corecompetitiveness. High-end customers' high-quality requirements are managed andcontrolled, and complex performance is reliably achieved. We will continue tobuild the high-end of Jointech in the global market. , Reliable and good image.

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